Friday, May 6, 2016

The gift of a quilt.

My niece is getting married this summer.  For her shower I made a quilt.  The shower is in a week but I know she doesn't read my blog so I'm not spoiling any surprises.  (Or, if I'm wrong...Kate...turn away!)

Probably most of us know that the younger crowd isn't as taken with the same style of quilts that we like.  It's all about 'modern'.  But, where does one begin when choosing a quilt that's 'modern'?  Even 'modern' has different styles.  All I can think of are solid colors with lots of strips or rectangles.  Blah.  
So, I went with what I thought was a safe combination. 

A traditional Irish Chain using only two fabrics.  

She likes nautical things and the color blue.  So, I chose a white fabric with navy anchors and a navy batik.  

I backed it with a paisley gray and quilted it with an anchor motif.  The whole time I was quilting it and sewing on the binding I swore I would never make another queen size quilt.  The quilting/binding job is just endless.  No reflection on the worthiness of my niece...I'm just saying!  

I have been negligent about posting my cross stitch smalls for April.  I really did stitch and finish something plus finish-finished a small I stitched around Christmas.  I also made a couple more Moda Frivols and even have two quilted.  One of these days I will get some pictures taken and posted. The suspense will kill ya, I'm sure.  



  1. Your niece is going to flip!! Love the Irish Chain! It is timeless!!

  2. It looks great! A gorgeous mix of classic and modern. I'm sure your niece will love it.

  3. wow ~ stunning pam, very lucky niece indeed! wishing you a lovely summer:)

  4. That is such a great shower gift, Pam--makes me wish I was getting married. Ha ha!! Seriously, Kate will love it!