Monday, May 30, 2016

Month end update.

I have so many pictures.  Hopefully, unlike last time, I can get them all to cooperate and I won't have to put any off until another time.

This first update on HEAD's Vibrant Vista...had to be taken out of my last post because it would not move.  I've only stitched one page.  Or, almost one page.  I had to throw in the towel on the tree. There were just too many odd little stitches that should be easier to work when I am stitching the page below.  I also read that a line or ridge can appear when leaving off at the edge of a page so I've left a jagged line along the right side and bottom.  I am planning to move across the top first.

I will pick this up again when I finish Murky Manor.

I also finished my monthly small which was really 3 smalls.

These are This & That's Merry Mini's #2.

I finished each a little differently.  The mittens, once complete, had a large blank spot so I looked through my buttons and couldn't resist this little clay penguin.

Great centering skills while photographing!

My next item...a finish-finish is Bent Creek's Reindeer Snow Globe.  It really hasn't been in my unfinished pile for long...maybe a year.  A virtual infant.  I made a simple pattern on a piece of paper towel (I don't was handy?  the right size?) and made an easel back flat fold.

More fabulous photo skills...a close up of the ribbon.  I bought this for another project that hasn't been unearthed from my pile but they were just right for the snow globe.

Another Florida finish that I finally quilted...Moda's Frivol's #7. The fabric is Songbird Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings. I've never met a Primitive Gatherings fabric I did not like.  The pattern name is 'Heart'.  I'm not real sure how that relates to the fabric or the end result but there you have it.

The quilting is unimpressive.  Just a flower.  I was trying to soften all the sharp points of the 1.5 million half square triangles.

Finally...finally...the last of a year long table runner-of-the-month program from 12 years ago!
It took me 8 or 9 years to make this one and another couple to actually quilt it.  I have distributed the various patterns to whomever wanted them so I don't even know the name...just that the patterns were by Cotton Way.

The quilting is a string of gingerbread boys and girls.  I quilted them one way then turned them upside down and did the other half.   Here is where their heads meet.

I am making my way through many more projects and even have another Frivols just off the long arm.  It is just beautiful but you'll have to wait until next time after the binding is on.



  1. Looks like May was a very productive month for you, Pam! Those little embroidered ornaments are adorable and I love the way you've finished them using your quilting skills :) Lovely finish on the Bent Creek piece, too--those pearly beads on the edge are the perfect touch.

    I just love those Moda Primitive Gatherings fabrics, too. I purchased a little charm pack from that series to use for my winter finishing. Lovely quilt and congratulations on finishing the table runner.

    Hope you are having a relaxing Memorial Day--the gang is coming over for dinner so I've been in the kitchen, as usual :)

  2. Love your little ornaments and the finished snow globe, they all look fantastic!

  3. Lovely finishes! I especially like the snow globe. You did a wonderful job with the finish.