Monday, April 26, 2010

The fun always has to end.

We've returned from our 'fun in the sun' spring break. I barely stitched or read because we kept busy doing things like.....

Typical tourist shopping..... gotta love a store that tells it like it is!

We met these two fellas hanging out under the deck of a restaurant we ate it.

I so wanted to 'accidentally' drop a little food off my plate just to see them move but signs like this are posted in plain sight.

This particular sign is posted by the lake that our condo sits about 10 feet from. Hmm. They tell us a big one was hanging around last spring but I never saw it. I just figured it was a POA sign. Guess not.

We hung out on beaches like this....

took a dolphin excursion boat ride,

and counted the baby ducklings on our lake making sure the ever present snapping turtles hadn't snacked on any.

So, I'm not really complaining about being home..... I'm just heading into Monday morning kicking and screaming.

Soon I'll post the teeny tiny bit of stitching I did manage.

Until then, I'm off.

The Queen Bee


  1. Great pictures!! I'm a little concerned that they have to "Do not molest" the alligators.....that one has me thinking...

  2. Great pictures~
    I have to admit that most of my guy friends would find that "Do not molest the gators" a sign that meat must be thrown at them!