Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I couldn't wait

for the August framing sale at my LNS. Plus, I already purchased the frame for the Prairie Schooler piece back when I ordered the kit and wanted to get it hung while it was still spring.

I also took Poinsettia House to be framed. It seemed such a shame to leave it in limbo since I was going to the frame shop anyhow. Now it can hang on the wall in my sewing room until the season is right.

I just saw the new Bent Creek pattern..... Stitching Row. I might need that one. I didn't order any patterns from the Online Needlework Show. I did, however, order a lap frame. I'm hoping it works out. I much prefer holding the fabric in my hand but that just isn't working anymore. Aside from repetitive motion problems, I have arthritis in one of my knuckles. Sometimes a piece works OK in Q-Snaps and I have a scroll frame that attaches to a floor stand but it doesn't reach over the arm of my armchair. It does hold my pattern nicely so I use that part. I'm crossing my fingers this new frame is a comfortable fit.

We're in Florida for spring break but I didn't bring the cord that lets me download pictures to my computer. So now I have to wait until we're home to show you anything worth seeing. Betcha everyone is just holding their breath......

I'm off.

The Queen Bee


  1. I REALLY want to stitch Daffodils now! Poinsettia House looks wonderful, too. I still have it kitted and in a box somewhere. Good luck with the lap stand. Like Tim Gunn says, "Make it work!"

  2. Your pieces look lovely!!

    We'll be waiting to see the pics from your trip!

  3. Very pretty, I don't blame you for not waiting. Love the frames.

  4. Your PS finish is just lovely (I'm a major PS addict!!) as is the Poinsettia House... I have both in my stash--just need to find the time to stitch them. Thanks for the inspiration :)