Thursday, October 28, 2010

Broken record post

I feel like I've posted this exact same thing before... a finish and some baking.   Just different day, different photo..... but we all like to see the finishes so here's the latest......

An Apple a Day by Plum Pudding Needleart.  Cute and fast.  It will go nicely in my kitchen.  (Sorry, I don't know the fabric for sure, but I think it's Mello by Lakeside Linen.... I'm trying to get better about keeping track incase someone wants to know.  Over the last few years I've participated in a couple different fabrics of the month.  I'm trying to get over my reluctance to cut into the pieces by digging thru my stash and coming up with patterns that could use the same fabric.  Then I measure and divide the fabric and put the pieces with the patterns.  Sometimes the fabric details are lost in my excitement to efficiently allocate a piece.) 

Those apples in the photo will be baked into pies.  One to keep and one to give away.  The end result is worth the work... and unlike my last pie baking day..... my family will get to enjoy some. 

I'm off to get started in the kitchen. 

Have a nice day.

The Queen Bee


  1. What a sweet finish! I really love the colours. I have those Gingher scissors (the only pair of Ginghers I own!) too :)

  2. Love those apples! And hey Pam...What is it about cutting into those fabrics? I do the exact same thing! I look thru them, fondle them, then put them away. It's like they're too pretty to cut into.

    Or maybe it has something to do with this:

  3. I love this design. And I love to hear about your stitching and your baking. Quite different from days I spend in my cross stitch store wishing I was home stitching and baking :) Please continue to keep us posted.

  4. Great finish, Pam, and it is perfect for your area! I couldn't get over all those apple orchards up that way--my sister lives right across the road from a huge one at her lake house...

    6 days and counting :)

  5. Lovely finish! I have to admit that I'm distracted by that red apple. It looks so bite-able.