Friday, October 8, 2010

Busy days & busy nights.

I think September lasted about 7 weeks.  It was so long that I thought October was the month that was over.  I was repeatedly shocked when I wrote the date.  I almost threw away a schedule at work that included an October class because I thought it was past.  I can't remember the last time time passed so slowly.  I don't have any real reason for losing track, unless it was my wish that October would go REALLY fast.  We have numerous trips and appointments in October.  When my husband and I were syncing calendars I said...... 'so it looks like I'm going to hate October'.  True enough.  Just for a taste.... I leave Sunday morning for a conference.  The Sunday morning of a long, no school weekend.  I will return Wednesday afternoon but my husband will have already left for 3 days in Dallas.  He'll be home for the weekend only to leave for Memphis early Monday.  And, that's only half of his trips and none of the school events we'll attend. 

On the stitching front I don't really have anything.  I'm taking a quilt class that fills 3 Saturdays.  I've taken a few photos but will save those for when we have the end results. 

I've made a few blog related changes.  I've removed my favorite blogs, in favor of Blogger's reader.  So far, so good.  It updates much faster.  It's different, as I don't see people's blogs and links unless I click their blog, rather then their latest post.  I've added myself as a follower to my favorite blogs.  I was number 900 on one!  900 followers!  That's impressive.  I've also signed up for Good Reads.  I need to get myself aclimated before I will add that to my sidebar.

And, finally, since no post is complete without a picture, I've asked KarenV of My Favourite Things if I could borrow this picture of her cat Thomas.   Just look at that look of shere pleasure on his face.  Bliss.  Maybe it's because he reminds me of our Oliver, but I simply love this picture.  If you've never checked out Karen's blog, go right now and do that.  Her finishing is amazing.  I won't even be offended if you don't finish here. 

The Scholar is due home this afternoon.  Her first trip home since returning to school in August.  I'll need to get used to longer and longer absences.  She's going to Spain in January for 4 months.  Oh, the joys of bring young. 

The Queen Bee

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  1. He's a cutie isn't he? :) Thanks for the plug :) Hope October isn't too stressful for you.