Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Stitching about reading....

I have finally put the last stitches in a SAL piece I started back in January.  Along with my friend Rebecca, I've been working on LHN's 'The Library' on Mondays.  Monday is a good stitching day for me but this still took over 9 months.  While parts were tedious, the scenes inside the windows were cute and quick. 
The Scholar is coming home today for a quick over night.  She's leaving in January for almost 5 months in Spain so she has a couple of appointments to get some of the preliminary stuff taken care of.  The crisis of the day involves needing a new passport.  We didn't know her current one wouldn't work for the student visa, so we have only 2 weeks to get the new one.  Yikes.  I'll be writing out that extra check to hurry it up.  Doesn't that just seem wrong?  It feels like I'm bribing someone to put her application in the front of the line! 

Off to get the day started. 

The Queen Bee


  1. Lovely finish! Hope your DD's passport comes through in time.

  2. Congrats on your finish. Don't worry about the passport. Easy for me to say?

  3. Love the library!

    What a hassle with the passport. It's always something isn't is? Do they have a "bribe" pile and a "no-bribe pile?"

  4. Wonderful finish of one of my favorite designs.

    Best wishes to the Scholar for her trip. Maybe she can scope out a stitch shop in Spain for you.

  5. What a great finish--of course I just love it being a librarian :) I have this one in my "to do" pile for next year (hopefully!).

    Hope the passport arrives quickly for your daughter--her trip sounds fabulous!

  6. Beautiful finish! I'd love to stitch that one day for my book loving daughter.

    Good luck with the passport!

  7. That's so beautiful. I've always loved this chart and one day it'll be in my stash as well - a must for an avid reader, lol.