Saturday, October 16, 2010

I guess I'll have to eat all the donuts myself.

Today I was supposed to attend the 2nd of 3 all day quilt classes learning how to make a quilt called:  One Block Wonder.  (I'm still withholding photos until I have the end results.) But, late yesterday I got a call that the class was canceled.  I felt like I was given a snow day!  Woo hoo, 'cause I hadn't packed anything and I'd done shamefully little on the project in the 2 weeks since the last class.  It's a bummer, but I guess we'll get to eat those fresh apple cider donuts I bought Friday afternoon at the Apple Farm with plans of taking  them to share with my classmates.  Darn, hate when that happens. 

The rest of my family already had a full day planned, without me, so I was home for quite a stretch without anyone else.  That was weird.  I couldn't figure out why, though.  I'm home alone lots of days.  NEVER on a Saturday, though.  It was either that or the unexpected nature of my day off.  However it happened I liked it. 

Since I was away for a stretch..... and believe it or not.... I didn't pack any stitching....shocking, I know... I don't have much to show.  I  have some friends I meet every year at our annual conference and I knew I wouldn't have any time to stitch so I didn't bother carrying an extra bag into and back out of the hotel. 

Before leaving I did finish a cute Little by Little piece that I stitched last fall or winter. 

I can tell I'm getting ready to make the switch from fall themed stitching to Christmas because my newest start is Peppermint Twist by Blue Ribbon Designs. (40 count.... Yikes.... I keep buying stronger cheaters.)

 Last night, while watching the Yankees get killed (and the jokes on me because they apparently had a very exciting inning while I slumbered), I put the finishing stitches in this patriotic piece by Little House Needleworks.  I love patriotic/Americana.  This will be one of those patterns I keep just in case I need to stitch that cute little flower pot with the flags again. 
So, guess that's enough rambling.  Off to see what's happening with the Yankees.

The Queen Bee


  1. Love your little Hot Cider piece. And the LHN...of course. Maybe my Peppermint Twist will appear in Erie, too.

    Glad you're home safe and sound!

  2. Oh, I love your Little by Little finish. One of my favourite designers.

  3. 40 count? You are so brave--still haven't attempted that... I love your LHN piece and you've just introduced me to "Little By Little"--never heard of them before! Gosh, I have so much to learn :)