Friday, May 13, 2011

Lucky Friday the 13th...

First up... is Blogger being weird to anyone else?  My last post is gone.... although it's on my reader but the link says it's been removed.  For a couple hours this morning I couldn't log on either.  The page said Blogger was temporarily unavailable.  Hmmm.  Technical difficulties, I imagine, but not sure why that took away a post from Wednesday afternoon.

So, why is Friday the 13th lucky?  Because today is my wedding anniversary.  22 years.  Not quite half my life, but we did meet when I was 22.  This picture was taken a week before we got engaged.  My husband was a groomsman in his cousin's wedding.  I was dressed in the typical yuppy working women's style of the day. 
We don't generally exchange gifts on our anniversary.  Coming on the heels of both Mother's Day and my husband's birthday we just never developed the habit.  So, I was quite surprised to find this on my kitchen counter this morning after the kids left. 
Addressed to 'Mom and Dad'.  Those wonderful, sweet children decorated up the envelope and gave us 2 tickets to their show tonight!  So cute. 

Of course, we were going to the show anyway but it was a cute idea.  On Mother's Day, which I had to share with my husband's birthday, I was joking about my anniversary night being spent at the school because we're providing the cast with dinner then going to the show.  Dinner and a show.... only I have to fix the dinner and share it with 17 high school students.  It's all in how you look at it.

It reminds me of the year we celebrated our 8th anniversary.  My neighbor, whose 3 kids were grown, stopped over.  I was in the midst of the typical predinner chaos of a house with 3 kids.  Buttercup was a baby, we'd just started a huge renovation project, and I was trying to get supper.  She commented on this being no way to spend our anniversary.  I remember saying that if 8 years ago, on that very day, someone told me that this is what I'd be doing 8 years from that day I'd have thought I'd died and gone to heaven.  So, again, it's all how you look at it.  


  1. Happy 22nd Anniversary to you and your dear husband. I love the photo--yes, I remember those 80s fashions very well :) That is so sweet that your kids remembered it was your anniversary--I think they're the ones getting the gift though with a yummy dinner being served to them and their friends. Enjoy your day :)

    (Oh, and yes, Blogger was messed up for everyone--I didn't lose my post from yesterday, thank goodness, but half of the comments that people had left disappeared!!)

  2. Happy Anniversary to you both! I was asking about Blogger earlier - I came over to leave you a comment about the quilt, as I didn't get chance yesterday and there was no post. Great quilt top though :)

  3. Happy belated anniversary! I'm catching up on some of my blog reading. I can read but can't post (I can, but nothing to post about haha). I loved your post about organization. I always have about 3 lists going and things get crossed off eventually, maybe not when they should have been, but eventually. I always had a huge calendar on the frig which I downsized this year since no kids are at home now. Still a lot of stuff to keep track of. For older people it seems to be all doctor appointments...bummer.