Sunday, June 26, 2011

Anyone home?

You all must think I dropped off the face of the earth.  Not so much.  Mostly I've been sick which means nothing worth mentioning has been happening.  I had to curtail all sorts of plans while forcing myself to continue with things that just couldn't wait..... like all the doctor's appointments for kids leaving for their summer jobs.  It's hard for me to miss work so I had to drag myself out of bed and go there.  It was all the fun stuff that had to be missed like our family graduation dinner and a co worker's retirement breakfast.  Such is life. 

We did watch the Boy Wonder graduate high school.  What a proud moment.... those tassels show he graduated with honors and as a member of the National Honor Society. 

That's him in the middle. 
The kitty and I have been doing the same thing.  Watching the nest empty.  In that hanging basket there was a nest of house wrens.  We've been watching 5 babies grow and slowly leave the nest....much like what's happening in the house.  The Scholar and The Boy Wonder have left for their summer camp counseling jobs.  While they return each weekend to catch up on sleep and do laundry, they've essentially left the nest.  They'll both only be home a few days at the end of the summer before heading off to college.  I have 8 weeks to prepare for that so we won't go down that road quite yet.  

I have stitched a little.  However, today is a very gray and dark day so I won't even try to get pictures.  The sun is supposed to shine tomorrow. 


  1. hope you start to feel better soon :0 congrats to your DS on his graduation with honours and the jobs too ..... we have had some baby chickens hatch this week so have bee watching them :) love mouse xxxx

  2. Boy, you really did get sick! I'm hoping you're feeling much better this coming week. And congratulations to your son--you must be very proud (and rightfully so!)...

  3. Congratulations to your son! So sorry to hear that you have been feeling so sick. I do hope you are feeling better!!

  4. I'm a bit behind with my blog commenting, but I hope you're feeling better now. Congratulations to your son on graduating with honours!