Thursday, June 30, 2011

Want some wine

with that whine? 

I have a WIP picture and a complaint.  First I'd like to explain why I don't post WIP pictures very often...which is not what I'm going to whine about.  I took this picture on Monday before stitching the whole roof, the door, and the rest of the letters.  So now when I look at the picture I think I should take a new one to show how much more is done.  It's always like that... if I just wait one more day I'll have so much more done to show everyone.

ABeeC Sampler by Country Cottage Designs.  One of my Crazy January Challenge pieces.  

 That pattern has sure taken a beating.  It's been to Florida and back so got a little crunched up in my bag. 
This second picture illustrates what is causing my fits.  I have used up every last bit of Crescent Colour's Poblano Pepper with the exception of this last skein which is an entirely different color!  So maddening.  Last fall Barb, of Stitching Again, wrote this post  illustrating that very thing.  I'm not sure if I should keep stitching on this piece or what.  I hate to invest the time if it's just going into the UFO pile.

I am lucky enough to have 2 cross stitch stores in my area but neither carries Crescent Colours.  I wrote to my favorite online store (where I've spent a whole lot of money over the years, I might add) asking for a little personal service in choosing a darker skein for me and I HAVEN'T HEARD BACK.  I'm not happy and I'm not going to forget. 

So, what's a stitcher to do?  I'm going to contact another online store and see if they'll look at their inventory and pick a darker green for me.  If not, I'm going to give serious consideration to not stitching pieces that use threads we can't easily get.  Designers need to get the message. If we can't get the supplies, we can't stitch their designs.  Both my local shops have told me the same thing.... they can't afford to stock the entire line of whatever threads designers decide to use.  They stick with the tried and true Week's and Gentle Arts.  I get it.  They don't know what designs are going to be a hit and continue using a thread line, making the investment worth it.  Local shops struggle.  We're lucky to have the ones we do so I'm not faulting them.  I'm just whining! 


  1. Pam, I have some Poblano Pepper in my stash and it's quite dark. I'd be happy to scan it for you so that you can see if it would match and then send it over. LMK :)

  2. I've just run into the same problem with GAST Sable, and my original skein isn't even that old - I just bought it last April.

    It makes me think I should always buy twice the amount of thread that I think I'll be needing. Already now when I kit up a project, I buy all new threads - what's a few more? Of course, I won't be Lake Stitcher anymore. I'll be Destitute Stitcher.

  3. I see that Karen V. might have some thread that will work. If not, I'm pretty sure my LNS, The Strawberry Sampler carries those threads.

    Good luck finding the right dye lot!!

  4. mmmmm sometimes it is a problem .. I shall have a look in my stash and see if I have any of the darker colour in my stash but I have a feeling It is lighter version ... mmmm sorry just checked and I've used it all DOH ...the designers go by how much the model stitchers use as well as how much the design program says usually so am not sure why we keep running out .... hope you manage to get sorted ... love mouse xx

  5. No Poblano Pepper in my stash, sorry!

  6. ran into this same problem with this same color with a CNN kit - the Ladybug one from the series that had 4 bug kits. I think I have about 45 skeins of Poblano Pepper now (hahhaa), so if you still can't find one, let me know and I'll scan mine too!

  7. Sometimes I will order 2-3 skeins of the same color online and they'll send me skeins that don't match! I love 123Stitch, but they are the ones who have done that to me.

  8. Hi The Queen Bee
    Just found a link to you on another blog so popped on over to take a peek.
    Really enjoyable blog, love your stitching ~ all such pretty colours and your wildlife piccies are great too.
    I'll join you in whining about hand-dyed threads. Just recently had a real problem but a fellow blogger helped me out and by cutting small lengths of 6" from a completely different colour batch I was able to match another skein in ~ unfortunately I have no shops to purchase threads from so rely totally on on-line suppliers ~ even by buying 2 at the same time they arrive completely different???
    Have a great weekend and good luck with your thread hunting xxx
    (Buttons & Stitches x x x)