Monday, June 13, 2011

In two weeks

all the end-of-year festivities will be over and the 2 older kids will have reported to camp to begin their summer jobs.  Maybe THEN I'll have some stitching time.  Last week was the busiest, by far.  It doesn't help that I snuck a little R&R with The Scholar into the schedule.  This week begins finals so I will still be doing some driving back and forth to school. Soon that will be finished.... until swim practice starts in August, and dance classes, and summer music lessons.  Oh, it's best to not think ahead! 

In the mean time, when we're not off celebrating someones school or extra curricular successes, we've been working in the yard.  We're still working on establishing the landscaping and flowers around the house so each year we fuss and fix, hoping to enjoy flowers and greenery all summer long.

I snapped a photo that makes me happy we have a fence around the pool area protecting all sorts of beautiful flowers....

They were just grabbing mouthfuls of those flowers and ripping them from the bush.  They were cute to watch, but I'm certainly glad they weren't doing that to the flowers that I lovingly planted.

Has anyone ever seen one of these??  (I had to get the picture from Google Images because no amount of waiting around with my camera led to a picture of my own.)
This is a Bumblebee Hummingbird.  They're about 2 inches long and, apparently, rare around these parts.  He was something to see.  I watched and watched until he flew off.  Now I'm stalking all my plants that draw the bees and the regular hummingbirds in hopes of seeing it again.

Must run.....Buttercup has her first final this morning.  Soon I'll show you the 2 BOMs I signed up for to keep me busy this fall when I'm down another child. 


  1. The first time I saw those Bumblebee Hummingbirds, I just about freaked out--I thought they were some sort of mutant moth or something!! Once I learned they were hummingbirds, I was fascinated :)

    Good luck to your kids on their Regents Exams--I well remember suffering through them on hot June days in the school gym!

  2. Lucky you to have such exotic wildlife! The most exotic creature we've ever had in our garden was a fox! :) That hummingbird is beautiful :)

  3. I just took video and pics of this guy. There was another one at the same time that was called a moth? But, it was also sipping off my butterfly bush with a hummingbird beak. We live in Flushing, MI

  4. We just saw one and were totally fascinated! What an amazing little creature. I had to look it up to see what it was. I googled bumblebee humming bird and found your photo. That's it! Very cool to discover something unusual.

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  6. *edit

    That bumblebee hummingbird is actually a hummingbird moth :3 it is still a very beautiful creature. Nature. It's just so fascinating.

    Links below are to pictures of bumblebee hummingbirds for anyone who's curious