Friday, September 23, 2011


my house smells like heaven.  Fall is here.  Today started out warm and sunny but quickly turned cold and rainy.  So, what should one do when you need layers of clothes and... yikes.... socks?  Cook. 

First up:  applesauce.  I can still remember what it was like to come home from school and smell those apples cooking down.  It meant warm applesauce for supper.  Only on that first night did we have the applesauce warm.  It wasn't until my husband (pre-husband days, actually) put applesauce in a pan to warm it as a side dish one night when I was visiting his apartment that it ever occurred to me that applesauce could be warm EVERY time you had it.  Doy.  (It's still best the first night, though.)

 I ditched my original plan for supper and made my standby favorite..... Bisquick's Impossible Pie. 
This is my 'go to' supper when there are odds and ends left over.  Tonight it was chicken.  So, in the pie plate goes the chicken, some onion, a little cut up potato, shredded cheese and broccoli.  You can use whatever meat you have left over with whatever vegetable compliments it.  However, it's best when it goes with cheese.  Imagine ham, cheese, mushrooms, and asparagus or turkey, potatoes, cheese, and broccoli.  Pretty much the only thing I've added to the recipe, not called for in the original, are the potatoes.  Sometimes those are left over, too, so what the heck? 
1 cup milk, 2 eggs, and half a cup Bisquick poured over the top, bake at 400' for 30 minutes, let stand for 5 more minutes with a little cheese sprinkled on top and dinner is served.  (Sorry, no picture of the finished product.  Everyone came in the door just as it was coming out of the oven. ) 

We had an exchange student from France once who thought this was the most awesome dish EVER.  She photographed it along with the page out of the recipe book. 

What's your 'go to' recipe that uses left overs or staples and causes everyone to have seconds??  Do tell. 


  1. The Bisquick Pie sounds like just the thing for a quick dinner and to clean out the fridge. I'll have to remember it. And now you have me in the mood to make fresh applesauce, maybe tomorrow, since I think I have some apples buried in the fridge.

  2. There's nothing like fresh cooked applesauce!!
    I'll have to try that go-to supper - looks and sounds good!

  3. not knowing what bisquick is .. the pie does sound yummy though .... mmmm shepherds pie for us made with mince served with fresh veg from the garden... home grown potatoes,carrots , green beans and cabbage and served with yorkshire puddings ... which are savoury hehehe ... love mouse xxxxx

  4. I love fresh, warm applesauce too! I have a recipe for a homemade pot pie that is SO simple and I use it after Thanksgiving with the left over turkey! Yum!!!