Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Where in the world is The Queen Bee?

Can you guess? 
 No?  How about now?
Yes, Niagara Falls.  And, no, there is pretty much no way I'm getting in that boat and driving right up to them.  Nope. No way.  Feet firmly on the ground for this girl.  (Except I'm doing a zip line some day, should the opportunity ever arise.... and I think it will next summer.)  Oh, and I've been in a hot air balloon twice and I'll jump on about any airplane.  But, other then that I don't like thrill rides.  Unless, of course, it's that ride at an amusement park that flings you UP.  Not the one that takes you up and drops you.... I like to start at the ground.  Ok, we didn't have time for the boat ride. 

We got some education, too.  We look all perky and alert because we were just back from lunch.  That's me in the back.  I've discussed my feelings about hair color before. 
 And, I left this place with 3 times as much money as I went in with. 
And who wouldn't enjoy this view out of my hotel room window?  See that cloud of mist?  That's from the falls.  If you don't know where to go to see them, just follow it.  When you're closer the roar will lead you. 
Niagara Falls, NY Fall 2011 but, as always, I'm glad to be home. 


  1. Good for you Pam, always great to come home with more than you had:)

  2. We are planning to do the Niagara On the Lake tour in about 2 weeks. I am hoping the weather is good for photos. I understand that it is very scenic. We may or may not stop at Niagara Falls.

  3. Always a good trip to come home with more than you went with!! Haven't been to the falls in over 20 something years.

  4. Yes, I definitely recognize Niagara Falls--spent many a Sunday there when I lived in Buffalo as a child. It's always an amazing sight...

    I'm taking you with me if I ever go to a casino--congratulations :)

  5. ooooo gorgeous and way to go on the winnings .. more stash whoop whoop heheh :) love mouse xxxx