Tuesday, September 6, 2011


ever happens to me.   I can't remember the last time I accidentally stumbled upon a cross stitch store.... if ever.  I always have the most current issue of the stitcher's shop guide and check the Internet whenever I'm going to be traveling in an area I've never visited.  I've also studies my own state map in the travel guide so often I can tell you where any shops worth visiting are.  So, I don't expect to be surprised by a shop.  Well, this past Saturday that very thing happened. 

We were off visiting The Scholar for the day and went to a suburban town with a fun touristy Main Street and while walking along what to my wondering eyes should appear but a cross stitch shop!  What a thrill.   I knew there was a quilt store along the street...had even been there before...but I had no idea there was a stitching shop. 

I tried not to take too long so I might have missed a thing or two but was happy to find one of the 3 items on my wish list.  (I know, my wish list is pretty short.) 

Annie Hyssop's Harvest Moon by The Primitive Needle is what's written on that one scrap of paper.  The other paper lists two out of print patterns I'd like to happen upon one day.  Four Seasons by Marjolein Bastin and Prairie Schooler's Christmas Village book #79 are the other patterns.  Four Seasons is currently available on ebay if I really wanted to pursue it and I think I bought a Prairie Schooler that was close enough to Christmas Village.  So, really, my wish list is almost completely fulfilled.  Cool. 

The second pattern by Hillside Samplings has been around since 2002 but as soon as I saw it I knew it was perfect for some of that orange linen I have.  The negative image of a pumpkin would be perfect. 

Fall has arrived.  Buttercup starts school tomorrow and I might have to wear shoes and socks soon.  I'm also hoping for lots of stitching and sewing time now that it's cooler and Buttercup will be gone until supper time.  Hope everyone else is managing the same. 


  1. I can help you out with MB's Four Seasons. Send me an email if you are interested :^)

    Enjoy your new STASH... it's always fun stumbling upon a new cross stitch store!

  2. Lucky you--what a great find!! I hope Buttercup settles in well to school. Two of my three are back in full swing... waiting for my college aged daughter to come home from working for the summer in the Channel Islands and head off to college a week later. Busy times! I think my flip flop days are over with here, too--I've been scrounging for socks each morning.

    Enjoy your autumn!

  3. Nice find, Pam! I sure wish I would stumble across a cross stitch store :)

    This cooler weather is too cool, too soon--I'm wearing my flannel pj's already!