Thursday, September 1, 2011

Who's counting?

I'm pretty sure the answer is:  nobody.  The last time I finished a Crazy January Challenge piece I said it was my 11th.  It was really my 10th but nobody checked.  Phew, because this is my 11th....

An Old Bear by Stoney Creek. 

Woops.... the one bear is askew.  I think I'll be restitching how those are placed anyway.  The pattern picture shows 2 bears that face each other.  My bear charms are single sided and face the same way.  I loved that this pattern came with a finishing kit but was MOST surprised that it didn't come with the charms.  It doesn't have the cording or the fabric but I can handle that.  I've seen more recent Stoney Creek kits that say right on the package that they come with everything to finish it.... I'm assuming that means the charms but maybe it includes fabric and cording.  Possibly those of us who bought these kits when they were first out have complained about feeling mislead?  All the same, I'd stitch another because they're cute. 

This weekend we're off to visit The Scholar in College Town West.  (We now have a College Town West and a College Town East.)  Both are 2 hours away.... just in opposite directions.  The Scholar needs less parental assistance with getting to & from school so the Sunday after Thanksgiving won't be as driving intensive as you might think. 

Anyone else looking forward to fall as much as me?  Can't wait for pumpkins and mums and apples.  There is something about this time of year that makes me crave apples baked into everything. 

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  1. Cute piece!! Reminds me of where I grew up when I see a black bear!

    I am looking forward to fall too - I just asked mom the other day when she was making applesauce and applebutter - yummy!!