Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Busy times

There is always something to do this time of year.  Baking, shopping, cleaning and so on. 

I almost have everything ready.  There is more baking and wrapping but I ran out of paper today.  That goes on top of the shopping list for Friday.  I keep hoping I'm done going to stores but I guess not.  The baking is mostly optional so if I discover I'm out of something I can decide at that time if it's worth buying or not. 

I have a few pictures to show.  First up is the Bon Bon Linda won for knowing or guessing correctly about the pie marker.  I made myself one earlier this year.  So simple.  It would be a neat way to finish a small cross stitch, too.  (There is candy inside.) 

Here are the cookies I baked the other day.  They're simple chocolate chips with swirly chips added. 
Every last one got bagged up and taken to church for the Cheer baskets.  Not knowing people's diet restrictions I kept the cookies simple. 
I finally took a picture of the tree.  It sure looks crooked, doesn't it? It's just me or the way I'm holding the camera.  The kids have even placed a few gifts under it.  In our house we wait for Santa to bring the presents.  I think I always loved that thrill of seeing the presents under the tree on Christmas morning so I don't leave any presents around for anyone to see.  I don't even like to see mine. 
I hope everyone else has everything under control. 


  1. Oh, how cute is that Bon Bon--what a great idea, Pam!! Linda will love it :)

    So, you're telling me you didn't even eat one of those cookies? I'm impressed--what willpower.

    Ha--that tree is gorgeous, but does look like it's going to fall over. Glad it is just the camera angle.

    Merry Christmas to you and your entire family!!

  2. Beautiful tree Pam. Feliz Navidad.

  3. Love that BonBon finish!! Too cute! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!