Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Check out

this post if you find yourself leaving comments on blogs and NEVER getting a response from the blog host. 

Stitchin' Sweet Sue recently wrote about the discovery that her comments were posting as 'no reply' comments.  In my case, I get my comments emailed to me.  My badness at thanking or writing back to each commenter doesn't always have anything to do with my bad blog-host manners.  It's sometimes because your comments come up as 'no reply'.  Sometimes I can dig a little deeper and find your blog and email address but, more often than not, I just appreciate your comment and move on. 

So, when Sue wrote her post about discovering her own comments were 'no reply' I asked her to write about how to change that.  Hope it helps.

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  1. Very interesting Pam. SOmetimes I do wonder why I never received a reply to certain comments.