Thursday, December 8, 2011

Decking the halls

This year I've been slow to get the halls decked.  Too many other things happening.  It took me about 2 weeks to complete this little piece. 

I was inspired by a post on Paulette's blog.  First she was inspired by a little centerpiece she saw on someone's blog.  Here is the first post and here is Paulette's post where she shows us how to make a wool gingerbread man then puts her display together.  It's cool the way each of us has put our own spin on it.  The key element is the old sifter.  I stopped at an antique store between here and the mall after a day of hard shopping.  I found several but opted for this one with the crank on the top.  I'd never seen one like that.  Then I made the little quilt with some primitive holiday fabrics.  I opted for cinnamon/applesauce cut out shapes, some fresh cedar branches and some rose hips.  Both of those are too sharp for the cat to bother.    Not a bad start. It's sitting on the breakfast bar above the sink so I can see it all the time.


  1. I have to make a cute little quilt to put under it!! Adorable!!

  2. Very nice Christmasy display, Pam--love your little quilt. My boys used to make those cinnamon applesauce cut-outs in pre-school--oh, they smelled so good :)

  3. I love the cinnamon cut-outs. We have some my son made at school a few years ago and they still smell fabulous!