Monday, December 12, 2011

Well, there you have it...

#15 and a winner.

I know, you want the winner first.  It is...

I had 5 correct guesses.  The item is a pie marker or cutter so you can get 8 even slices from a pie.  I will surely use it.  I thought maybe the remark about church would throw you off... which it may have given the low number of correct guesses.  We have several at church and use them for pie cutting when we have a dinner.  (Remember the number of times I've had to bake pies for church?  We're big on pies.)

So, Linda... watch for a little package.  Congratulations. 

And finally, I've completed the Crazy January Challenge. 

Would I do it again?  No.  It was fun but once was enough.  I'd like to pick and chose as I go.  Also, I don't like having so many WIP's.  In fact, I'm going back to stitching a few things that were left in the dark during the past year. 


  1. Congratulations to Linda and to you for completing the Crazy January Challenge!

    I am still deciding if I want to sign up for 2012???

  2. Congratulations to Linda! And your final challenge piece is darling, Pam!! I'm with you, I'd rather just stitch whatever "calls" to me so I won't be doing any challenges in 2012...

  3. ohhh well done . and ooo a pie cutter who'd have thought and mmmmm i must be crazy as defo doing it next year love mouse xxx

  4. Love your finish! It looks wonderful! :-)

  5. Aahhh...yes, a pie cutter!! I see that now!! Love your challenge finish!