Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A wee finish.

Not exactly a St. Patrick's Day finish but I finished it on the 17th.

Homespun Elegance's 2010 Sampler Ornament.  It was a cute little piece to stitch but too big to be a hanging ornament.  I used a little bit of the backing fabric between the stitching and the wool plus some fancy stitching on the wool to add interest.  Hardly an elaborate finish but it will be cute in a basket or bowl of holiday smalls.

I have a pile of smalls to finish.  I'm not sure when I'll feel motivated to work on them but one is more than none!



  1. So cute! I have this in my stash and need to stitch it!

  2. What a cute finish! I have about 10 that need to be finished into ornaments! Someday I will get them done.

  3. I love the fabric and buttons you've used for the finish, it looks great!
    Best wishes.

  4. How sweet. Great finishing too.

  5. How lovely! and I love the way you finished it too :-)

  6. I'm finally catching up on my blog reading!! What an adorable little pillow--I like the fancy stitching on the red that you did, too :)

    Believe me, I have a drawer full of things left to finish from my pre-blogging days so I know how you feel! I really should start making more of an effort to get one done each month or something...