Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring, where are you?

We've had another weekend snow 'event'.  The weathermen don't want to call it a's an 'event'.  Same difference.

 It makes for some pretty views but we're sick and tired of cold snowy weather. 

The view out the backdoor. 

The further the sun came up the shinier everything got.  It really is pretty but it will be April tomorrow.  Enough. 

In the mean time the sewing goes on.

I keep trying to get a decent photo of this little cutie. 

Last summer Temecula Quilt Company  had a 'little' summer project.  We were to make one 2" Cake Stand block each day in July. 

At the end of July they would reveal some lay-out idea .  I love tiny blocks so I sewed 31 little Cake Stand blocks and anxiously awaited the big reveal.  Each lay-out involved making additional blocks so that was disappointing because by the end of the month I was DONE making 2" blocks.  I left the blocks on the floor and tried a couple different things and finally made the little table topper. 

 I tried to get some close ups but my 'helper' felt that I was focusing on the wrong thing. 

On a totally different front....on the subject of irons and ironing.  All quilters know the song and dance.  You buy an expensive iron and it lets you down.  You buy a cheap iron and it lets you down.  You replace your iron and it lets you down.  On the positive side of the equation I had a GE cordless iron that lasted and lasted.  When the finish wore off the bottom and the water reservoir began leaking I bought this Panasonic cordless.  Knock on's holding its own.

I also bought this Rowenta travel iron for classes and retreats.  I love it.  It holds a nice amount of water and is just large enough to do a good job.  Then the folding handle gave way at my last retreat.  Apparently that's what happens to these.  I was contemplating throwing it away when another quilter gave me an idea.  She said to wedge a penny into the base of the handle. 

Sure enough, it does the trick.  I can't fold it up without working the penny out but so far I don't care about that.

Now, if I could just get my everyday iron up to par.  I had a Black and Decker I really liked but it quit in less than a year!  I went and bought what I thought was the same iron but it has a rougher bottom and doesn't glide like it should.  As if ironing isn't enough of a chore...I don't need the iron working against me. 

And, finally, as a new twist to the whole iron problem.  I BROKE MY IRONING BOARD!  That's a new one. 

Since you hung on through all that other is a photo as Buttercup headed off to her senior prom.
 This girls is a true prom queen.  We counted.  She's been to 6 high school proms!  Phew.  Despite the ugly weather they all had a great time. 

Aren't they just like peas in a pod?  You know they belong together. 

Happy Monday.  I'm off to my sewing room between loads of laundry. 



  1. Your Cake Stand table topper is awesome. Great job! I want a new ironing board. I have been saying that for years. I am 5'10 1/2". It is too low for me.

  2. My ironing board recently broke irreparably a few weeks ago! What a surprise when the legs gave way right under me, lol.

  3. Spring is down south of you, Pam! Yes, although we got an inch of snow on Sunday, it melted quickly and today will be in the 60s--finally!! Hope yours melts soon, too. After all it is April :)

    Your new mini-quilt is so cute--I'll bet that was a fun one. And I hear you on the irons. I had an expensive Rowenta that died within two years so have resorted to the cheapies and they keep going and going...

    Lovely looking daughter--what fun it must be to help her pick out a dress and get ready for prom. I was never that lucky--boys tuxedos are pretty boring!! Hope she had a wonderful time...

  4. Oh my! I love that little mini quilt! Somehow I've missed all of Temecula's sew alongs...I need to pay more attention! Glad your irons are behaving...knock on wood! :)