Saturday, May 3, 2014

A cute little woolie.

I love the little wool candle mats, mug rugs, and table toppers that are so popular these days.  Despite all the cross stitch I do, I don't do hand applique which has kept me from making any of the little wool kits that I have accumulated. 

Recently I was visiting with a friend at her office and she had a cute little wool snowman on her desk and she pointed out how she just used a straight stitch around the edges...not the blanket stitch shown in the pattern.  She said that the difference was not apparent...which I had to agree with. 

So, that gave me the encouragement I needed to give it a try.

While it's a little late for the season, I pulled out this little kit for an Easter candle mat. 

Aren't they the cutest little guys?  Their beaks are a little large but they were such a tiny little piece to hold and stitch that I'm not sure I could have worked with anything smaller.

Of course, the over all fuzzy effect lends itself to a simple straight stitch so it was a good piece to start with.

Even the name is cute...Little Stitchies by Bareroots.

I immediately pulled out another wool kit.  It's for a table topper so is larger and requires a light weight cardboard template that has stalled the project.  I will poke around for an old tattered file folder at work. 

Happy Stitching,



  1. Good for you! They are really cute. Glad you got it done.

  2. Nice job! I have seen these wool mats before, and really like them.

  3. Oh, how adorable are those chicks! And the straight stitches look just as good as blanket stitches--much faster to do, I'm sure!