Friday, May 9, 2014

One WIP down,

way too many to go.

This quilt is called Carriage Wheels.

I dug through my fabric and pulled every one, except for the background, from my stash or scraps.  Woot.  That was a commitment I made at my quilt use stash.  

I love the little 9 patch block.

I quilted it with a simple Baptist Fan pattern.  I say 'simple' but making them nest just right on a long arm is harder than you'd think. 

This was a class I took at my local quilt shop.  My shop holds classes merely as social gatherings...not because we're going to learn anything.  Last fall I signed up for a couple because I felt disconnected from my usual group of quilting friends.  While I accomplished my goal...I was left with several WIPs...which I don't like. I have one (oh wait..I just remembered another one and a BOM and a new BOM on the way, and an old WIP....) left plus the fall mystery quilt.  So, I'm making progress but new projects enter the room at a remarkable pace!

Today I will give this pink ribbon Friendship Block quilt to my coworker who has finished her radiation treatments.  I wrote about this quilt just 2 months ago here, if you want to read a little more about it. 

The bad quilt maker in me didn't make a label.  I kept thinking I'd get to it but that time never came.  I am going to write a little note on the back with a pigma pen because I know I'll never get it back from her in order to add a label. 

The Boy Wonder is home for the summer and Buttercup's drama club won big in the area Emmy-like awards ceremony last night.  Such a HUGE big deal for our little drama club in our little high school. We've never entered before and we went up against a bunch of big schools with big budgets from fancy schools in a wide reaching section of western NY.  We rocked it.  I need to check the results but it's possible we are the only school who won in the final 'big three' musical, best actor and best actress.  (There are multiple classes of winners so each category had several winners.)  Such a fun night but I was out way past my bedtime.

Happy Friday.



  1. What an awesome job on the quilt. I love the Baptist Fan quilting. You already know I love the pink quilt. ;) Glad the night was so successful and fun!

  2. Oh, I truly love the colors in that first quilt, Pam--what an amazing job you did. I don't know how you find the time to make all these quilts! And the pink quilt will be such a treasure for your friend--what a meaningful gift.

    Congratulations to your drama club--so glad the little guys won out!!

  3. Congratulations to everyone involved in the drama group, what a fantastic achievement! And well done on your latest quilt too, it looks amazing :)
    Best wishes.