Friday, May 16, 2014

X's are being crossed.

You may think I've forgotten my first love...cross stitch....but I haven't.  I still putter away at one project or another.  I am developing old lady hands that can't stitch like they used to along with my newish kitties that think any lap is available for their own personal use.  They're too in need of endless attention to be pushed away.  Hot summer is coming...they'll learn.

I recently finished this Plum Street Samplings piece.
 Hares' Christmas.  

I am always drawn to pieces that include 3 children.  Mrs. Hare has 3 little hares in her litter so I have a couple of these patterns in my stash.  

I should have gotten a close up but today isn't the day.   Spring was late to arrive and apparently we are going to get all of our spring rains in one week.  One area town is suffering in a dramatic fashion.  The town is falling apart and washing away.  The end of my driveway and the curve in the road are flooding but, drat, not bad enough to mean I have to stay home!  (Or maybe...Buttercup just send me a photo she took on her way to school.  Flooding all around.)  I couldn't be so lucky.  Not when there is so much drama fun to be had in the workplace.

My husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary this week.  Somewhere around year 12 time took off at warp speed.  Here's hoping it slows down so we can take in the next 25 at a more reasonable pace.



  1. Happy Anniversary Pam! That is wonderful.
    Your stitching is sweet. :)

  2. Happy anniversary!! Hope you get to do something special to celebrate. :)

  3. Happy 25th, Pam!! I do think those years when you're so busy with raising teenagers really fly by! But, time still seems to be speeding by for me and mine are all grown and gone... Anyway, I wish you many, many more years of good health and happiness.

    I love the hares designs, too--they're adorable. If I ever do stitch one, I'll probably change all three little hares to boy rabbits, though :)

  4. I hope you enjoyed a wonderful anniversary, and congrats on such a lovely finish :)