Thursday, May 29, 2014

Project catch up.

One of the projects I finished in the last couple of weeks is a pillow made in a class with my quilt guild.

Joan Ford held a class and trunk show at my quilt guild earlier this month.  (I originally wrote 'last month' because it feels like ages ago.)  The class used a pattern add-on to her pattern 'Common Sense'. 

We used the fusible method she uses for the entire quilt but just made a single block and finished it as a pillow.  

A year or two ago I attended another of Joan's lectures and trunk shows so I'd already employed her scrap therapy method of managing scraps.  It sure made preparing for class easy.  I just picked up my box of precut squares and headed off.  I only needed to sort and audition different combinations until I had one I liked. 

It really turned out to be a fun way to make a quilt block.  Even the scalloped edge was easy. 

Now I want to make the entire quilt so I've added another project to my very long list of projects I must make...because I needed more of those! 

We have officially begun Buttercup's high school 'goodbye tour'.  She has been involved in many activities over the last four years and is celebrating a staggering number of honors as she winds up her senior year.  It is such a bittersweet phase because we have been active and involved parents so have many fond memories and good friends as a result.   Big changes are coming our way as our last child graduates and we become semi empty nesters in just a few weeks. 



  1. Beautiful!
    Our second son just graduated high school and got registered at Concordia University. Our two sons in college are able to live at home.

  2. How pretty, Pam! That scalloped edge is lovely...

    Good luck with all the "finals" of high school. It really is an odd feeling stepping away from that whole scene... I don't even know the school schedules anymore! You'll be very busy getting your daughter all set for college this summer and then the "empty nest" will really set in. At least you have your oldest nearby :)