Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Wintering in Florida.

It is a different experience...being away from home during all the recent bad winter weather.  Not that I wish I was there dealing with it...it is just different.  I'll be there soon enough with more snow in the forecast.

Of course, the very best part of not being north in the winter is being able to get outside. 

I try to vary my walks since it gets boring to take the same route day in and day out. 

So far my favorite place to walk is around one of the bayous in town. 

 The views are so pleasant.

There is also some interesting architecture.  

Such a pretty Victorian house.

The community center where there is parking and public bathrooms. 

We have been watching this house being built for quite a long time.  Amazingly beautiful...and HUGE!

This old church is so interesting.  (The For Sale sign does not belong to the church.)

The pelicans can be pretty entertaining.  


Given my line of work...the name of this boat cracks me up. Hmmm.  Wonder what the owner's profession is.

Today, a cool and windy day, I glimpsed the most coveted view in the bayou. 
Manatees come into the bayous to keep warm.  There were 3 hanging out together in this area.

One more was over across the way. 

They only stick their noses out of the water to take a breath about every two minutes.  It's hard to know exactly where they'll pop up so you have to focus on a large area.  If it had been sunny I might have been able to see their bodies through the water. 

I have been doing some sewing but I'll post that another day.



  1. Awesome! What an enjoyable walking route.
    What about your cat care back home?

  2. How wonderful to be able to walk outside in February without freezing to death, Pam! I loved seeing the sights that you see on your daily walk... Hope things aren't too cold for you when you get back to the frigid northeast :)

  3. I noticed the (dot) com on the boat mostly hidden behind the pole so had to check it out. You guessed correctly; that's the website for a legal firm, of course.
    Love your walking route. Our daily walk is either snow covered or muddy so not nearly as nice. Enjoy your time away!