Friday, February 27, 2015

A tired old sentiment.

Anyone else doing this monthly? 

A Year in Chalk by Hands on Design.  I am working mine on a 32 count linen called Shadow.  Wow.  Is it hard working on the dark color.  It has taken me twice as long to stitch this little piece than it should have. When I purchased my auto-ship I opted for the 32 count since I really don't like WDW linen but now I wonder if I would have had an easier time on 30 count.  

The sentiment...Let it Snow...isn't one any of us want to hear for a very long time. 

This was my backyard on Wednesday.  There is a good foot of snow.  It was snowing big huge flakes when I took the pictures.  Flakes none of us want to see.  I's only February...but it has been a brutal one. 

Lucky me, I can head back to Florida soon and resume my kitchen remodel.  The counter tops will be installed mid month. 

In the mean time...I am catching up on tv, Netflix, reading, and whatever else I can do from under a blanket.  Brrr.  The coldest February on record...ever.  I looked up statistics.  They are depressing.  Our weatherman said we would never have a February this cold again.  He said it wouldn't be possible.  I'm holding him to it. 

Yesterday I quilted another Schnibbles quilt.  Once I have it bound I will have pictures.  I have built up quite a back log of quilts so I hope to keep up the rhythm of quilting. 



  1. I love those little chalkboard designs! And even though it may make you go blind, I think the 32 ct fabric is perfect. Really lovely.

  2. Cute, little stitch. Even though I do NOT agree with the saying!

  3. It looks perfect on the color linen you picked. I will be doing this chalk pieces at some point.

  4. I'm stitching them on the suggested gunmetal fabric and find it very difficult to stitch on. Yours looks great! "They" say we've had the coldest February on record here too. I wonder how the weatherman knows there won't be another record-breaking cold February like this one. Seems to me, in my part of the country anyway, we had an equally frigid February last year -- and will probably have it next year too. It's just normal winter weather, but I'm ready for spring!

  5. I plan on stitching this series, too, Pam, but may wait until next year. We had six more inches of snow yesterday and I had to shovel myself as my husband was skiing in CO... Not sure my arms will ever be the same as it was the heavy, wet stuff!

    Your little finish is darling, though, and I'd much rather see s-n-o-w in stitching than in real life :)

  6. I'm doing the chalk series as well but I haven't picked up my order at the Crafty Ewe yet. i opted for the WDW fabric and hope I don't regret it. I'm not really a fan of WDW. The last
    time I tried stitching on solid black was a failure. Hope this is easier! I plan to start stitching again today...I've been knitting like crazy!