Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Lots of sewing progress.

I have quilt progress to show plus I made a huge dent in my cross stitch project.

Here is Debbie Mumm's Keep the Spirit when I first picked it up.  

And, again, after working on it over the last two weeks.  It will be put on hold soon as I head back to New York for a while. 

I also started a new quilt project despite not finishing the last one. I have had this kit in my stash since it first came out...which wasn't really that long ago....a year maybe. 

I even prewashed the red fabrics.  So much fun...not. 

This pile of sliced strip sets is waiting to be turned into...

 ...90 of these.

I have the big center part done. 

Here is a shot of Homestead Star as I left it.  I was having trouble getting an accurate measurement for the borders.  I have since purchased a long tape measure so I will try again soon. 

So, that's where my sewing stands at the moment.  I will take these projects home with me...and hopefully finish them soon.  I certainly don't need any more projects left unfinished. 



  1. You have really been stitching.
    Does the quilt turn out fine when you prewash some fabrics, but not others and sew them all together?

  2. The quilt will be beautiful. The stitching piece is really pretty. A big piece. Awesome

  3. Nice progress, Pam!! That snowman piece is adorable... I'm sure it's been nice to have so much time to stitch and quilt in between dealing with furniture deliveries and kitchen remodeling...