Sunday, May 17, 2015

Four years already?

We've been celebrating graduations every year or two between high school and college but it still amazes me to watch one of the kids reach such an important milestone.

We've made the two hour drive to the Boy Wonder's campus more times than I can remember.  However, the first and last stand out the most.

Five years ago we took two high school juniors for a private tour of the lovely college campus a mere two hours away in central New York.  We knew right away it was the school for us.  

This past weekend we made the trip for what we assume will be the last time.

The Boy Wonder and his lovely girl friend.

Such an exciting time.  He has the world by its tail.  He graduated Magna Cum Laude.  Job prospects are appearing both far and near.  I am trying not to panic about just how far away he might move.  I want my children within easy driving distance but I guess I don't get to pick.  

In the mean time, I prepare meals and do laundry while wondering how the heck I kept up with three kids for all those years.  Thank goodness they can drive themselves now because I have adjusted quite nicely to the empty nest phase of life.



  1. Congrats! You've raised a fine young man!

  2. Congratulations to your son--and you and your husband, Pam! Those four years of college life go by faster than any, I think! I'm so happy that he has a bright future ahead (just hope it's not TOO far away :)