Friday, May 15, 2015

Repairs have been made.

I am happy to report that my long arm is back and in good operational order.  I am still a little nervous that something could so easily jam up and pull the machine out of whack like that.

I repaired the quilt and, while I can find the square right away and see the repair, I don't think anyone who didn't know where to look could find it. 

As for fixing it...this is what I did.

I pulled out a few tools to help with the job. 

There is a little triangle of heat'n'bond there, too.  I peeled the paper side off before starting. 

I worked the heat'n'bond into the hole. 

Then carefully pressed it.  

Since there was a second hole on the back I did the same thing on that side.

I think, if I had to do it again, I would trim the loose threads away more and used a bit of water soluble glue to hold the edge tightly together before ironing.  I am assuming I could make all that work in such a tiny space but I could see the edges more than I'd hoped.  I was just afraid to make the hole bigger or harder to close tight by trimming the frayed edge. 

The square is a mottled green so the repair mostly just looks like part of the coloring in the fabric.

The quilting goes through a little bit of the repair to help add to the stability.

I washed the quilt to give that old fashioned scrunched up look. 

Bet you can't find the square let alone the repair.

This is not the first time I've had to repair a quilt.  Look here and here to see what happened when I discovered the long arm quilter left a pin inside the quilt.

I am happy to be back to working my way through my line up of quilts.


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  1. Oh, what a great job you did on the repair, Pam--love how it looks all washed up!