Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A favorite designer comes to town.

I have liked Lynette Anderson's Designs for a while.  Since she's from Australia her fabrics and patterns are not widely available in my local stores but every now and then I see a pattern or fabric from her lines.  I love those quirky little reindeer her holiday patterns often include.  You can check out her website here.

I've seen her patterns in the Australian stitching and quilting magazines I used to be able to find and now she is starting to appear in our US quilt magazines. 

In recent weeks she traveled to the United States for quilt market and held classes in just 4 locations.  Imagine my delight when my favorite shop was asked if they'd like to host a class.  The class filled up immediately so the show gals asked Lynette if she'd be willing to teach two days in a row.  Happily she agreed. 

Our class projects were the little journal cover and the little zipper case. 

Below is a closer view of the pattern and the front cover of my signed journal.

We learned Lynette's trick to appliqueing so our work had that needle turn look. 

Here is my piece which still needs some work.

We also had lessons in yo-yo and hexagon making.  I can't say I liked making yo-yo's but can't wait to make more hexagons.    

Here we are in class.  Lynette is in the middle of the room bending over a table...sort of hidden behind the women in the red shirt.

I feel so lucky to have gotten a chance to take this rare class from a designer I've admired for some time.  If anyone follows her on Instagram she's taken some pictures of our class, the trunk show, and some of her favorite quilts by an old ramshackle barn.  Can't wait to pull out one of the patterns with the hand painted buttons I purchased at the shop. In keeping with my goal of finishing things I've started, though, I need to get that journal cover done. 


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  1. Awesome! Good for you. Can't wait to see the journal cover all done.