Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A flurry of activity.

As I pack up projects and prepare to head south I have been working away on some of the stitching pieces that need finish-finished.

My main focus was the pile of A Year in Chalk.  I think they came out pretty well.  There is one that I'm not thrilled with but I got better as I went along.

I laced them like the designer suggested.  Using Velcro per the same instructions was an 'epic fail', though. I found these magnets that are intended to be applied to the back of a business card.  They have a peel away adhesive and stuck right to the back of each piece.

I also stuck one to the wooden plaque.  You can see where the Velcro came right off but left glue behind.

Each piece is easy to stick in place and pull off when it's time to swap it for another one.

After all 12 of these I am not sure I'll get to any other finishing but I did pick up my framing.

How cute is this?

The frame and mats are just right.  The room with the blue walls is not where this picture will live.  Terrible color clash but the light was good for picture taking.

I also picked up this little cutie.

This little rustic frame was just right.

I have also managed to add a couple finishes to the pile of pieces I don't know what to do with.  I am not sure they're frame worthy but they're a little bit too large for me to finish so...what to do?

This first one is called Light The Way Home by SamSarah Design Studio.  The picture really didn't look so wonky before uploading it.  Also, in real life the letters show up.  

I stitched this one a couple years ago then left it for dead when I lost interest in filling in the white around the 'N'.  It is called  'Normal' by Lizzie Kate.

We are suffering a spell of bitter cold.  There really is not anything better to do than stitch.  



  1. Pam all of them are beautiful. how nice you did all 12 of the chalk pieces. love the magnet idea. the framed piece looks amazing. lots of stitching beauties.

  2. Great job on finishing all of the chalkboard months, Pam! You must be an expert at finishing those now--and the magnets make more sense than the velcro to me...

    Really love the frames you picked out--they complement the stitching so well! And two new finishes--you've had quite a productive year so far!! Safe travels to FL--send some warmth back up north for me :)

  3. Great job on the finishes! I really love the way you've finished off A Year in Chalk. I may have to borrow this idea for future use ;D

  4. Lovely finishes, they look fantastic!

  5. Beautiful finishes!! I agree, when it's cold there's nothing better to do than stitch! Guess that's why I seem to accomplish more in January. :)