Saturday, January 2, 2016

Well, that's a fine 'how do you do'.

So, I was off to a really good start on my goal to finish-finish some of the old smalls that were hanging around my sewing room.

The first thing I pulled out was an old Secret Needle Night piece I stitched way back in (I'm ashamed to say) 2001.   If you aren't familiar with Secret Needle Night pieces they are small projects designed by the Silver Needle and released once a month.  You can buy them as they come out or sign up for a full year of auto-ship.  I believe I did this for a year...or maybe two years.  They generally use a large count linen or Aida and all sorts of specialty threads.  They are fun and whimsical.  I kept up with them but didn't always make them into any sort of finished project.

Fast forward a mere 14-15 years and I pulled out my stash of Secret Needle Night pieces and decided they had to be made into something.

Look at the way-cute fabric I was already sewing as borders.

The first thing that happened was that the button came off.  I thought...well, the thread must have come untied.  I can fix that easily enough.

Then I noticed the shredding.

That isn't just a fuzzy fiber.... that is thread disintegrating before your very eyes.

Two of my three unfinished pieces were in the same condition.

So, my next move was to inspect the pieces I had finished.

Two of those three were dissolving before my very eyes.

Any other finished pieces I have are stored with their like-season decorations.  I will inspect them when I unpack them.

Such a sad thing to have happen.  You can't argue it was in the storage, either, because the unfinished and finished were stored differently.  The unfinished were casually tucked away in bags...not sealed my sewing room along with all manner of unfinished finishes.  The finished Christmas pieces were stored out in the open in my sewing room when not placed around the house at Christmas time.

Anyone else have this happen?  Guess that gives me even more reason to actually FINISH my stuff before it ages out!



  1. Oh, what a shame! I guess the thread quality must have not been the best? I have never seen that happen, Pam... Yes, you need to finish as you stitch (says me, who still has some ancient unfinished pieces laying around :)

  2. How awful! And it's such a cute design too. I imagine it must have been the thread quality?
    Now I feel I like I should go check some of my old WIPs and finishes.