Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A noticeable difference.

Changes are small but measurable.

A week ago I showed a picture of Glendon Place's Murky Manor as it stood when I started a month long push to make some serious progress.

This is stitched on a piece of 36 count linen I bought because of the color...not the stitch count.  36 count is really too small for me so it's been a struggle from the first stitch.

Since I really don't want to abandon the piece I pulled it out and brought it to Florida with me.

Stitching was minimal while 'we' embarked on the last major kitchen remodel project.

The before:

After one week of stitching:

It doesn't look like much but that is part of the problem with this piece.  It is SO SLOW.

Our other project picks up where our Florida kitchen remodel left off last year.  I posted lots of pictures last January-February-March as we ripped out and replaced the kitchen in the house we purchased in Florida.

The back splash was the last major piece of the kitchen remodel puzzle.

Such a nice finishing touch.

Next up is the master bathroom.  It can be difficult planning and executing a remodel while living 1200 miles away so I am not sure when the details of the bathroom will be worked out.  Fingers crossed as we have an appointment with a bath remodeling company.



  1. you did a lot of progress. your kitchen looks great

  2. Great cross stitch design & lovely progress on it!

  3. Nice progress and beautiful remodeling--I do love a white kitchen! So clean and crisp looking and a great backsplash :)