Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Another Wednesday update.

Murky Manor is coming along.

Today I can show that I almost stitched another section of the mansion.

I really thought I'd have the windows filled in but last night I had to pick out two sections that were done in the wrong color.  It's not always obvious that you're stitching with the wrong color in a piece like this.  I did keep looking at the picture...which is tiny...but it wasn't until I stitched the next set of shutters that I knew it was wrong.  The pattern uses the same symbol with only slight differences which makes a mistake like this very easy.

There is another mistake in the fence/grass section on the left.  That's why I've abandoned that section.  I'd have to pick out that entire pillar and it's possible that being off by one stitch is not going to matter as the mansion comes together.

I only have one more week in Florida so only one more week to work on this.  I will leave it until I return in April.



  1. The haunted mansion is growing nicely, Pam--sorry about the window problem. That is SO frustrating when symbols look almost identical--especially for us with aging eyes. Enjoy your last week in FL--sounds like you missed a mammoth storm in NY yesterday :)

  2. Great progress on the haunted mansion!!!