Friday, August 6, 2010

A 2 fer

2 projects for the price of one picture.

Today's post includes a picture with 2 projects. First, on my recent vacation, I started and completed LHN's Rose Sampler. It's on top of the little travel bag made to match. This will be an easy piece to finish and apply to the bag. I'm just not sure if it goes on the front or the back. I think on the front. That way the cute little bead and the stitching will show. The second project in this picture is a table runner I finished last summer. It happens to be on the table and maybe not in my album. I've become a true slacker when it comes to keeping my album up to date. I really need to take some time and post pictures in there.

While on vacation, I finished this Philippa Gregory book. I liked this series about the Tudor period. Even though they're fiction, there is a lot of accurate information about King Henry's reign. Also, the details of court life are fascinating. Most of us can't imagine living with the threat of death that people lived under in those days. While the books are loooong, the stories are interesting and not smutty.... as I was advised they were. (And, NOT, why I chose to read them, I might add!)

Funny vacation story..... we visit the same location several times a year so have become familiar with other folks in the area. Initially, Buttercup and I went alone and were joined by my husband on Sunday. On our last night when returning from dinner out I spotted a neighbor that I hadn't seen yet during this visit. We'd only met briefly last spring but their kitchen window overlooks our parking spot so they see more of us then we do of them. My husband went to open our front door for our daughter prior to joining our neighbor and I as we stood chatting on the front sidewalk. My neighbor said: I thought that was you but that isn't your husband, is it? I said, that yes, indeed, it was my husband. A few minutes later she popped into her house to grab something and I heard her yell to her own husband... 'yes, it is her husband'! We are still chuckling over that. What did she think I did.... pick some guy up at the beach half way thru my vacation?! Too funny. (Even funnier if you know us!)

Hope everyone is enjoying the final stretch of summer.

I have one more vacation finish to photograph and post.

Until then, I'm off.

The Queen Bee


  1. Cute story, Pam!! That is nice that you've gotten to know the neighbors through the years.

    What a sweet LHN piece--it will be the perfect embellishment to the pink bag! Wish I had your sewing / quilting skills :)