Friday, August 27, 2010

A framed finish and proof that there is a jinx

on Holiday Express..... just as I've suspected all along.

First, Here is Sawyer & Co in all it's framed glory. Such a fun little Americana style piece.

At the same time that I dropped this off, I dropped off Holiday Express. I didn't even take a picture of it since I was so sick of the whole saga. I was quite pleased with the frame and the prospect of how it would look, though. Then, last Saturday I got a call that my framing was finished. I never questioned that both pieces were finished. I gave my husband the receipts with the hopes that he'd be passing the shop during the week. He stopped yesterday and nobody seemed to know a single thing about Holiday Express! In fact, nobody could find it. It did turn up but with no explanation as to what was up. In defense of the shop owner, who has never done me wrong, she was not there yesterday. The girls assured him it would be done asap and with many apologies my husband left with just the single piece.

Alas, seeing Holiday Express in it's fully framed and completed glory was just not meant to be. Yet, anyway.

This afternoon we are off to visit another college campus about 2 hours west. Actually, in the same city that the Scholar attends school. Sadly, her move in day isn't until tomorrow. We'll be driving the same stretch of highway again in less then 24 hours.....

I'm crossing my fingers that one of these days I'll come home to a phone message that my framing is ready.....

The Queen Bee


  1. Great stitching and framing choice! Good luck with all that driving and the "move-in." Those days just exhaust me!!

    Hoping to see a perfectly framed "Holiday Express" very soon :)

  2. Great frame for Sawyer & Co. The knotwork on the frame go really well with the curls on the pattern. I applaud your choice.
    Thank goodness HE was actually found! Having a piece vanish at framing sounds terrifying! I'd probably just have a rampaging screaming fit and then sit down and cry!