Saturday, August 7, 2010

The list keeps getting longer

Once upon a time my husband and I owned some residential rental property. With each and every tenant we'd learn something new we needed to add to the lease. It was only a matter of time before that thing looked like a scroll we'd have to unroll across the table. It was always... give an inch, they'd take a mile. Or, if something was simply never mentioned it MUST be OK!

The same seems to hold true with our rules for kids living semi out of the house.

First came the fish. Not even the Scholar's fish. She inherited him. One of her suite mates got one along with a girl from another floor. One day she brought her fish down to my daughter's suite and said: here, he scares me. So, at Thanksgiving the fish came home to stay until school resumed at the end of January. While in residence, we put him in our little tank and he seemed to be enjoying life. So much so, that when he went back to school the suite mates thought he was a new fish. Really, it was just proper feeding and clean water. He stayed at school until it let out in the spring and now he's mine. I said he needed to go back in the fall and be given to the girls that move into the suite he occupied last year. Like: here, this fish goes with the suite. Now, on my rule list is... 'don't bring home any living creatures'.

Next, the more shocking rule. Who knew I'd have to have a rule that says..... come home with basically the same hair you left with? That rule isn't perfected yet because I know, from my landlording days, there are way too many open windows in that sentence. (Hey Robin.... quit laughing. I'm feeling for you. Isn't it true, though? Who knew we needed a rule like that?)

The Scholar and the Boy Wonder returned Friday, in time for supper, without all the hair ONE OF THEM LEFT WITH. My speechless reaction was... well... I don't even know what to say still. It just wasn't what I expected. Some one's 'hair' brained idea led to all the boys getting buzzed last Sunday BEFORE the campers came. Boy, I'll tell you.... I don't think I'd be a happy parent dropping my kids off at camp finding a bunch of freshly shaven counselors!

That boy has awesome hair, too. Soft and smooth and red. When he was little he'd ask for a buzz cut in the beginning of summer. I couldn't do it. I'd have the barber cut it real short but leave a little length on the top. Hope he's worked that out of his system because we have years ahead of us of college life.

So, life goes on.

The Queen Bee

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  1. My mother's philosophy was "hair grows back." My sister and I went to London on a school trip and she came back with purple (kind of burgundy) hair. The students all took a bus from the airport to the school so all our parents were waiting. They made my sister get off last because they all wanted to see my mother's reaction. "Oh! I love it!" And frankly, that's the best approach. Who wants to do the thing their mother likes? ;)