Friday, August 20, 2010

The view out my front door

This afternoon I was walking along our road thinking that it was an absolutely beautiful day, so I came home and took a picture from my front porch. The weather man says we're done with hot and humid weather, which is music to my ears. It's always sad to close the pool and shut more and more windows and with days like this it's hard to imagine snow and wind is as close as 10 weeks away. First, though, is fall. Cool nights, apples for baking, pumpkins, home coming, spirit week, the list is long and makes my heart swell. I'll take the snow if it's what is required in order to have the kind of fall weather we have in Western New York. I'll be sure to take more pictures just in case it's not something you get to experience.

While I don't have any stitching to show, I've been shopping and dreaming. I have big plans. First, though, the Scholar returns to school in a week, new clothes and shiny new shoes need to be purchased. The Boy Wonder will begin his senior year in less then 3 weeks. Buttercup and I will sit thru Freshman orientation biding our time until they hand out the class schedules. Hard to be sad about the change in seasons when we have all this to look forward to.

Coming soon..... a new start and some framed finishes.

Until then, I'm off.

The Queen Bee


  1. How lovely! I could just pull up a chair and sit on your lawn...

  2. What a peaceful and relaxing view you have--think I would be sitting on your front porch all summer long just stitching and reading!

  3. That's a great view. Very inviting to go for a little walk or sit on the lawn and relax or read.

  4. How wonderful to look out your front door and see that view every day!