Thursday, March 10, 2011

Could this work?

The post I was trying to write.... well, actually DID write then lost because it wouldn't save..... then I couldn't do ANYTHING..... was about my latest quilt finish.

1600 2 1/2 inch squares sewn together....

into this 'postage stamp' quilt. It uses jelly rolls. I used part of 2..... Oasis and Antigue Fair by Moda for the prints and Primitive Gatherings: Primitive Muslins jelly roll for the solids. It's heading off to the long arm quilters this weekend. (For you non-quilters..... there are lots and lots of strips sewn together then cross cut, then sewn together again...... I'd be a nut case to actually cut out 1600 squares and sew them together!)
Well.... so much for the post.... while I did get the picture to upload, none of the tools are working so posting a link to the blog isn't happening. (Spell check won't be happening, either... and boy, do I rely on that to help offset my lack of spelling skills!) What a bummer because I'm leaving this morning to go to my annual quilt retreat and should come home with some good project photos. I sure hope Blogger works out it's problems by then. Also, the window that shows everyone's latest posts is empty.... another problem I saw on the Forum yesterday.
Cross your fingers and knock on wood it's something that will be fixed by 'the powers that be' when I get home on Sunday......


  1. Gorgeous quilt top! The colors are so pretty.

  2. What a gorgeous quilt!

    Hope Blogger sorts itself out soon.

  3. Your newest quilt is so pretty (and your spelling looks fine to me!!)...

    Have a great time at your quilting retreat! Hope Blogger is behaving itself when you get back so we can see some photos.