Monday, March 28, 2011

A finish or two.

On Friday I finished another of my 15 Challenge pieces.....

Summer is Sweet by Waxing Moon Designs.

 It's a cute free chart that my LNS put together into a kit with the frame.  So bright and summery. 

On Saturday I finished Apple Crisp.  The lightest lights really pop in this picture.  They don't do that in real life.  I was going to take it to my quilt shop for quilting today, but first thing this morning I got an email reminder about their 25% off Anniversary Sale.  I think I'll wait a few extra days!

The Boy Wonder's senior prom was this past weekend.  I wasn't overly happy with the photos I snapped.... and what do you know?  He's going to the junior prom with the same girl, so I'll get a second chance.  So, this morning when I returned the tux, I had to re-rent it for next month.  No complaints from me, though, because it's still way easier then dress shopping. 

Now, I need to get busy making a shopping list for my quilt shop outing this coming weekend.  I have several things in the works and need to look for odds and ends of fabric for each. 


  1. Two great finishes! Love the quilt. You really are extraordinarily productive, girlie.

  2. I agree with Lee--it is amazing how much you get done each week... Love the quilt--it really does remind me of apple crisp.

    Yes, I'm sure renting a tux is so much easier than dress shopping (but not as much fun!)...Hope the next prom's photos turn out more to your liking :)

  3. Both of your finishes are wonderful. Congrats!