Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another start?

I know, I'm not supposed to be starting anything but have you seen Lee's post about her birthday project?  The appeal is that I will start something really old.  Or old'ish'.  I started cross stitching in 1981, back when patterns were very simple.  I don't have anything from the 80's but do have 2 patterns from the 90's I would like to stitch.  One is from the 1994 Leisure Arts Magazine and the other is a 1997 Dimensions kit by Debbie Mumm.  I love Debbie Mumm's patterns, although I can't think of a single one I've stitched.  I have a number of her quilt patterns, too.  And a few quilt books, and a cross stitch pattern book..... Let's not go there.  This wasn't supposed to be an exercise in revealing my stash.  That's why the dictionary defines stash as: to hide away something. 

So, I'll be joining Lee in stitching an old pattern.... I'm just not sure which it will be. 

I'm leaning towards the Debbie Mumm snowmen.  The drawback is this jumble of threads...... who likes sorting this kind of mess?

I'm not a fabric snob so am not put off by the Aida.... I just know that working on a dark color won't be fun.  I can stitch much faster on Aida, so that's an upside.  I have Aida of a higher quality in my stash, I just doubt I have dark blue. 

Is anyone else joining Lee?


  1. I like the pumpkins on the cover of the Leisure Arts magazine. I haven't gone looking for golden oldies in my stash yet...

    It is so true that I seem to be drawn to the newest designs.

    Years ago, it was all aida cloth stitching, now it is mostly all linens and evenweave. I can't remember the last time I stitched on aida....

    Have fun with whatever you decide to stitch!

  2. We've all done our share of kits and we can sure relate to that jumble of threads. Bonnie in our stitching group even posted about her frustration of sorting them out on our blog. You can read about it here:

    Good luck!

  3. I will also join Lee and stitch one of my old charts. Since I read her blog post about it I have been pulling out old charts and mags and now I have so many that I can't make my choice, lol.

  4. I'm joining Lee. I really like your pumpkins. I almost picked a Halloween project on orange Aida, but decided I'm not in the mood for fall stitching yet.