Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just say....

no..... or..... OK!

Who knew 2011 would be 'The Year of the Challenge'?  I've signed up for yet another.... thanks to Anna.  Head over to her blog to see the details and the rules.   With a deadline of September and only 6 of my Crazy January Challenge pieces left, I thought this would be a fun little project.

In accordance with the rules, I won't be posting any progress pictures.... or even any details.  I will show this one picture of the patterns, a piece of fabric, and the recommended threads (since I don't have any Belle Soie I've pulled the DMC conversions and some semblance of WDW or GA conversions).  No guarantee any of them will be used.  It just give me a starting point for colors.

Feel free to join the fun.  The patterns are free and the creativity element means you can just pull from your stash.


  1. Thanks for the advertising. Of course, you are opening yourself up to more competition! :) Good luck.

  2. You are SO on the spot with this! I don't even have a kernel of an idea yet, and you've pulled fabric and floss. Go Pam!