Monday, July 4, 2011

A new style of

 Havahart trap.  Anyone remember all the chipmunk drama from last summer?  Well, they're back.  We've had a problem with them in the garage this year.  We discovered they'd opened the tiny spout on top of this bird seed container and were going in and out.  So, we tucked it onto a shelf where there wasn't room for the spout to open.  Or, not enough room to open it to GET OUT.  Guess they could get in.  This guy will be enjoying a car ride south. 

Yesterday was Buttercup's birthday.  I bought her this t-shirt.  It's from her favorite Florida restaurant.  (I have to admit a certain fondness for the place myself.)  Almost every time I ask what she'd like for supper she says 'Crabby Bill's"  Yeah, me too. 

I can't thank everyone enough for their sympathy and offers of help in my effort to match my Poblano Pepper green thread.  KarenV has sent some.  Cross your fingers and knock on wood it's what I need.  I'll be sure to show that finish the very minute it's done if the thread matches.

Happy 4th of July.


  1. Oh my goodness, that's hilarious!

  2. Your chipmunks sound like our squirrels here ~ there determination gets them in all sorts of places and they don't mind what they tuck into either!!!
    Love the T-shirt, we must have visited every restaurant in Florida apart from that one so it's on the 'to-do' list now for our next visit.
    Glad to hear Karen V has come to your rescue

  3. Hmmm...maybe you could patent that as a new critter trap!! Hope he enjoys his ride south :)

    I sure wish we had thought of using the Havahart trap before those darn chipmunks ate every single sunflower seed (except one!) in our garden!!

    Happy Belated birthday to your daughter--my son's is coming up on Saturday. Boy, they sure age quickly don't they?
    I do hope Karen's contributed thread works out for you, Pam. I checked, but don't own that color...

  4. That chippy could have eaten himself to death! Cute and funny. A one time friend of mine had a tub of peanut butter with a plastic lid in her kitchen and wouldn't you know a mouse nibbled his way in and died there. Peanut butter heaven!

    Hope the search for the CC is successful. I'm sure I don't have that color on hand. I don't understand how the dye lots can be so different.