Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Morning Joe.

I finished Morning Joe, a Schnibbles pattern, over the weekend. 

I just love Schnibbles patterns. 

I opted to do the version that included the 4 blocks made with a mini version of the large star.

The color is lost but there is no sunshine in western NY. 

The green is a 30's print so in-real-life it is a more vibrant green.

Funny thing about labeling my pictures....people still lift them onto Pinterest (which is fine) but then they crop the photo to cut off my name.  Not necessary.  Give credit where credit is due.



  1. Awesome! Love those fabrics.

  2. Even with no sun for the photo, I can tell how pretty this finish looks, Pam! And I totally hear you on the photo lifting--the other day I saw a little pillow on Etsy that had been finished exactly like mine was (and mine was an original idea!) and there was no mention of me as being the inspiration... Grrrrr!!!

  3. What a beautiful quilt! So pretty!