Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A bird's eye view.

I have been working away on the scrappy blocks I brought from home.  

This project was Bonnie Hunter's Leaders and Enders challenge from the summer of 2013.  The idea of Leaders and Enders is to have scraps around that you sew each time you are ready to pull something away from your machine...pulling a length of thread and snipping your current project away from your machine and wasting thread.  If you had a little something to stitch you would save thread and sew a project while you are working away on your main projects.  

What I have learned is that, for me, Leaders and Enders are too distracting.  I tried just working up 10 blocks in between projects but that idea stalled out.  I just have too many things going on to remember when I am actually between projects!  

So, I cut scraps and spent a couple days working up blocks.

I had enough pieces and parts to make 100 of these blocks.

You really only get the full effect when you can stand way back and look.  

I have at least 60 more blocks at home.  That should be more than enough to make a good sized scappy quilt top.  

Now, I just need to persevere and sew these blocks together!  



  1. Another great quilt in the making, Pam!! Looks like you're keeping busy down there :)

  2. Love the light and dark colors of the quilt. It is really neat.

  3. You are so amazing! You get so much done in such a short time. Is there a secret? Or a magic potion?