Thursday, March 19, 2015

Counters are in.

Today, a day late, my new counter tops were installed.  

A day late, you ask?  I was mad.  I never get mad.  

I will just say that remodeling is not for the faint of heart.  

The end result was that the installers showed up at 8:40 this morning and got busy.  There was another mad episode this morning but the installers figured out how to install the counter tops in the kitchen that THEY TEMPLATED AND PHOTOGRAPHED.  Probably, more for my benefit than theirs, nobody was answering the phone at their employer's office yet.  

I had actually just wiped the counter down and it is reflecting the curtain over the window.  That's not a smear.  

The Corian color is Savannah and looks like sand.

Tomorrow the plumber will come put the faucet in and reconnect the drain.  

Woot.  No more bathroom sink dishes.  

Really, it is just me dirtying dishes.  Once upon a time we remodeled a kitchen when I had 3 elementary school age children.  This was a cake walk in comparison.  

Once my husband arrives he can finish putting on the drawer pulls and the cupboard doors.  The back splash will have to wait until some future unknown trip south.  

I promise a stitching update.  I acquired a pattern, for free, that I can't wait to show off.  



  1. Looks awesome. Dealing with contractors ugg. The result is great

  2. You really have a nice kitchen coming together there. I love the soft colors.

  3. Those are a perfect color for Florida and they look great with your white cupboards--very "beachy" feeling :)