Monday, March 16, 2015

What have I missed?

A friend recently asked about the Florida house progress.  Apparently once all the main kitchen renovation was done I never mentioned it again.  It is certainly in the fore front of my mind!

Not related to the kitchen, I bought furniture for the loft and the sofa wouldn't fit up the stairs.  I contacted the movers that moved our bare bones furnishings into the house in the first place and they sent me some muscle.

A shout out to Two Men and a Truck...awesome job.  I won't mention the furniture delivery guys who showed up with an attitude and refused to even try.  I should...but I won't.

This is what pulled up outside my house at 9am one morning....

Way more truck space than I needed.  What I needed was the four men that came out of those two trucks.

They assessed the task at hand and made quick work of it.

One by one the two on the ground ran up to lend a hand.

It was awesome.  

And now I have a lovely loft.  



  1. Nicely done! I too have a loft and a spiral staircase to get to it. We had the rails built so they will come apart. Once the rail is removed it should be easier, but we haven't tested it yet. Might have to get the number for your movers. :-)

  2. What a beautiful set up! Is that denim?

  3. What a beautiful home and I just LOVE the loft space!!

  4. What a beautiful home and I just LOVE the loft space!!

  5. Oh, I'm so glad someone figured out how to get that furniture up to your loft, Pam! It looks great--I know I would spend all my free time just sitting there stitching...

  6. Beautiful...looks so inviting and relaxing! Glad you were able to get it figured out.

  7. The blue is beautiful and the layout of furniture is so nice. You have a wonderful loft. It will be a great place for you to sit and enjoy.

  8. Your loft looks so cozy and comfortable. I couldn't believe the pictures of how they handed up the sofa! May I ask where you purchased the set? I would love to have a denim sofa as I have two little boys and two dogs.