Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Day 2...

...does not bring much to see.   Mainly it was a very noisy day.

But, I do know that the behind the scenes work is the hardest and longest part of any job.

Mostly there were patches to the drywall

The big holes next to each vanity have been drywalled and the marks from the mirrors patched.

The biggest job was moving the plumbing.  We were surprised to find the plumbing coming up through the floor under the tub.  Since that area will be open floor space it needed moved over.  They also built the half wall to shape the shower.  Our floor is cement so, as you can imagine, it was a noisy job.

There is also care being taken to preserve the tile floor.  Little bits had to be broken away to widen the previously narrow shower.  That is a slow careful job.

Today the electrician is here.  I also think they're starting to build the frame for the door.

I mostly fill my time either reading or sewing.  Today I might slip out for a bit of time at the pool. We'll see how it all goes and if I think I can be away.


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